GreenWell Growers

Project Description

Super Structures scope of work for this 78,000 square foot structure included installation of anchor bolts into the concrete slab and the erection of the structure which was designed on a 12’ x 40’ bay/grid spacing. ​
The steel components consisted of galvanized tube steel members. The roof consisted of polycarbonate panels with automated transoms at the eve that allowed for efficient hydroponics environmental control within the structure. The exterior wall panels are 26-gauge agricultural panels. An interior gutter system located every 40’ with parapet at the end walls of the building ensured efficient use of the storm water collected from the structures footprint. ​
The building is utilized as a prototype building, first of its kind for the ever-increasing demand of controlled growing facilities which serve various produce and medical markets. Since the facility was a prototype, Super Structures aided in assisting with many of the engineering improvements throughout the construction of the project.


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