design buildEach construction company has a different set of methods for how to develop and complete a project for their clients. We always appreciate the opportunity to design build with our clients.

Here, we’ve shared 10 benefits of using a design build method:

  1. Shared goals and visions help us to work better as a team. We’re all focused on end results, not just on bits and pieces of the project along the way. A dedicated team to each project is better than separate entities.
  2. We set a realistic and efficient timeframe for the project and then stick to it.
  3. Once the budget is set, we are regimented in expenditures.
  4. There is better communication between the owner and the team.
  5. Because we’re working on the project from start to finish, there is improved continuity. We know where to start each day because we know where we left off.
  6. We provide constant access to professional expertise throughout each stage of the project.
  7. There is an increased degree of honesty and integrity.
  8. As an owner, you’re more involved throughout the project. Because of this, you’re more aware of the time table, the budget, and the commitments that have been made.
  9. There is an increased level of ownership in the project because you’re more heavily involved throughout it.
  10. This form of building process allows more flexibility. Since we work together throughout the duration of the project, we understand all aspects of the project from start to finish and we can adjust more readily.

As you decide which company you want to work with and how you want the project to be handled, it would be good to consider the design build method. While it may not be the right plan for everyone, it is certainly a thorough and involved way to work with customers.