church plansBuilding a new church will likely be the biggest investment your organization makes. Taking that into consideration, it is important that you are careful about the decisions you make to ensure it is something that will work well for you and your congregation.

Here are a few details you should consider when developing church plans:

  • Determine who will be part of the building team. Try to involve as many different voices as you can to help give you good perspective, without adding too much confusion. It’s a fine line, but be smart about who you involve on your team.
  • Be upfront about how decisions will be made. Most likely, everyone will not agree about each decision that needs to be made, but you need to establish a system that will work well for achieving the best results with the least conflict.
  • If you’re thorough about the details upfront, it will save you a lot of money as you’re developing church plans. The further into a project that you get, the more it will cost to make changes to the building plan.
  • Select a contractor with expertise in developing church plans. It will help to have professional advice and suggestions from someone with years of experience.
  • It’s most important to design with utility in mind. As you’re creating the layout of your church plans, consider all the necessary functions that will need to be performed within your church.

Use these pointers to help you feel organized and prepared as you develop church plans with your contractor to create exactly what you need.