Pre-Construction Services in Norfolk, VA

As with many things in life, proper planning can save you time and money when you are planning on building a structure. In the construction industry, this planning is known as pre-construction services. Pre-construction services include all the things that happen before any ground is broken. Every building is unique. Even if you use the same blueprints in two different locations, certain aspects of the build will be different. Because of this, it is a good idea to get professional pre-construction services from your general contractor. It makes sense for one person to oversee the project throughout the process.

Here are the elements you should expect from quality pre-construction services:

  • Evaluating the whole project, looking for any potential problems or hang-ups
  • Looking at the proposed site and analyzing whether it is appropriate for the planned use
  • Help with getting approvals needed, including any permits needed before building
  • Analyzing the costs of the proposed plan and reviewing the budget
  • Creating a schedule for various construction phases and elements
  • Planning for managing equipment and materials on- and off-site
  • Getting bids for certain aspects of the build as needed and forming partnerships with subcontractors and other service providers to get the job done right in a timely fashion
  • Assessing safety and creating a safety plan for the job site

Pre-construction services will help determine the feasibility of your project as initially planned. You can make adjustments to improve your outcome. You can plan for potential problems and find solutions before they hold-up progress. Ultimately, they can save you time and money.