Building Contractor in Norfolk, VA
Your building contractor is the most important person on your job site. Also known as a general contractor, your building contractor will oversee every aspect of your build. He will manage the construction site. He has a lot of responsibility throughout the process, starting in the planning phase and continuing through the development of the plan and right on to the end of the execution of your build.

Here are some of the most important responsibilities of a building contractor:

  • Makes sure plans are feasible and that the site selected is appropriate for the planned project
  • Oversees and manages the job to ensure that the final project satisfies the needs of the clients
  • Makes sure all aspects of the build follow local, state and federal building codes and regulations
  • Hires and supervises all subcontractors and workers on the build
  • Fires workers who are not contributing to the success of the process
  • Makes sure the materials needed to complete the build are on hand
  • Gets any permits that are needed in the appropriate timeframe
  • Makes sure the project stays on budget if possible and alerts clients to any potential overages and the reasons for those overages

You need to have faith in your building contractor. If at any point during your build, you feel uncomfortable, talk to your contractor. A quality contractor should be able to explain what is happening with the build and why he is making the decisions that are occurring. Always get multiple bids before choosing a contractor, but remember that your decision should not just be based on the quoted cost. Quality is worth the investment.