project managerAs you’re developing a relationship with your project manager, you need to know what you should be able to expect. There are a variety of jobs that your manager does, and it’s important for you to know how to communicate well with them.

We’ve shared a short list of things that your project manager will be handling for you:

  • A project manager needs to thoroughly understand your needs, your ideas, your budget, and your end goal. Project managers need to act in your best interest, as though they were you, but with the additional expertise that they bring to the table.
  • A major part of managing your project is communicating effectively with all the parties that are involved.
  • Another important role is keeping the project on time and on budget. There are many different subcontractors that are usually involved in a project, and each job needs to be timed perfectly so that there isn’t any wasted time. Budget also needs to be established right away so that there is a good understanding of the job that’s expected to be completed at a specific cost.
  • A project manager should coordinate between you and each other member of the team about the progress that is being made and about any unexpected issues that may come up.
  • Your manager should also resolve problems and negotiate with subcontractors.

Knowing what you should expect from your project manager will give you confidence they are doing everything that needs to be done to keep your project moving forward. Having these skills will ensure that your project will be done efficiently and effectively.