The Design Build Process Simplifies Construction

There’s a growing trend in building processes that is saving business owners time, money, and frustration. This new process is called design build, and it has a number of benefits over traditional project delivery processes.

With the traditional process, business owners constructing new buildings would need to hire two separate agencies. One agency would design the new building to the owner’s specifications and give the plans to the owner. The owner would then be responsible for finding a contractor to manage the construction. This would frequently involve taking bids from several contractors and examining them to find one that fits the needs of the owner. Using this strategy, the owner has to manage two separate contracts, and any dispute between the designer and the contractor becomes the owner’s problem.

Using the design build process, the owner only needs to worry about one contract because the designers and contractors are on the same team. With designers and contractors working together, they can communicate with each other without making the owner the middleman. Any problems or disputes that arise are seen as challenges for the team to overcome together, and they can come up with cost- effective solutions.

Compared to the traditional design-bid-build process, the design build process is not only less expensive because of fewer change orders and better teamwork, but also faster, and more likely to be finished on schedule. Because of this, the design build process has grown greatly in popularity over the last few years and is on track to become the preferred method for new building construction.