Airport Hangar

Shannon Airport

Shannon Airport Click image to enlarge. Owner: Luke Curtas​ Project Location: Fredericksburg, VA​ Building Manufacturer: Varco Prudent​ Erector (Museum Bldg): Super Structures​ General Contractor (Office): ​Super Structures 11,780 sf offset ridge structure is a museum that houses ​historical planes. It’s 20’ x 95’ bottom rolling hanger door ​ provide efficient means for easy placement of […]

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Chesterfield County Hangars A & B

Chesterfield County Hangars A & B Click image to enlarge. Project Location: Chesterfield, VA​ Building Manufacturer: Metallic Buildings​ Erector Subcontractor: Super Structures​ The two hangars were twin 10,000 sf structures. ​ While the interior steel was furnished and installed by ​another contractor, Super Structures was tasked with the ​supply and installation of the exterior metal

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