Conventional Construction

Conventional construction, also known as traditional construction, is a project delivery method that involves separate entities responsible for the design and construction phases of a project. This approach is characterized by a more sequential process, with the design phase typically completed before construction begins. One of the key benefits of conventional construction is that it allows for greater specialization and expertise in each phase of the project, as different entities can focus on their areas of expertise.

Another advantage of conventional construction is that it can provide greater flexibility in terms of design and materials. Since the design phase is completed before construction begins, there is more time and opportunity to explore different design options and materials. This can be particularly beneficial for projects that require unique or specialized materials, as the design team can work with suppliers to ensure that the necessary materials are available and meet the project's requirements.

Conventional construction also allows for greater accountability and control over the project. Since the design and construction phases are handled by separate entities, there is a clear separation of responsibilities and accountability. This can be beneficial in situations where the client has specific requirements or preferences, as they can work directly with the design team to ensure that their vision is realized. Additionally, since the construction phase is handled by a separate entity, the client has greater control over the project's budget and timeline.

Overall, conventional construction offers numerous benefits for clients and construction companies. By providing greater specialization and flexibility in design and materials, and allowing for greater accountability and control over the project, conventional construction is a reliable and effective approach for a wide range of construction projects.

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